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Working at Moosewood

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New Year’s 2012

preparing the "canvas"

The first week of 2012, we had the opportunity to work in the famous Moosewood restaurant. Many  restaurants shut down for periodic maintenance work.  Moosewood does theirs the first week of the new year.  One of the owners, along with their architect, Claudia Brenner, came up with a list of painting needs and then more came up as the work progressed. Much of the work was routine maintenance painting, of which we are highly skilled and efficient performing.  We seldom just “paint” a wall or ceiling.  Our method is to fix all the cracks, dig out loose plaster or broken drywall, leveling out poorly done work.  Then, using plaster patch, joint compounds, and caulks, we restore the surfaces to their original condition. But there were a couple of  intriguing  jobs, also.  One was to restore an accent wall in the bar, which had a decorative painting on it.  It had been poorly touched up by someone brushing the glaze color over nicks and scrapes in the wall.   Rather than try to touch up again, we proposed matching the finish and redecorating the entire wall. All we had to go by were an old paint store receipt listing various colors used in the original painting of the two-color finish.  It became obvious that the glaze color was Benjamin Moore’s Moroccan Red, one of the richest deep reds in the BM color fan.

But it wasn’t clear what the lighter base color was. So we did a couple of sample boards with different base colors and a few different negative glazing techniques.  Comparing them to the existing finish, it was obvious which was the best match.  Once the owners approved the sample, we proceeded to repair the wall and execute the decorative painting.

We also did a proper touch-up with artist brushes of the same finish at the hostess station. A second detail job  we did was to refurbish a Moosewood sign for the DeWitt Mall entrance to the restaurant.  We put a Golden Oak stain wash over the sign to “tame” its stark white background. We then mounted it on a piece of plywood stained with a slightly darker stain. You are welcome to go and view our work and enjoy a meal at one of the best vegetarian restaurants in the country.

finished painting

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