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Up Up and Away

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September 2010:

painting cupola from 60 ft. lift

We painted the front of the Danby Town Hall this month. This included the tower, the octagonal cupola, and the large historic oval windows and massive front doors. There was some significant wood replacement that had to be done and we subcontracted this to Nathaniel “Juge” Greenspun. He did an awesome job matching some old style crown moulding and rebuilding a large section of eave trim. Beside the heights involved – we had to use a 60’ aerial lift – this was a lead paint job.

Our years of experience with lead paint encapsulation and abatement have given us stream-lined procedures and highly skilled workers. Thus we were the lowest bidder for the job, which, as a municipal project had to follow state prevailing wage competitive bidding rules. We were also hired to wash the rest of the building and do touch-up painting.

Besides being very satisfied with the outcome of our own work, we came away with a great letter of recommendation from Fredric Dietrich, the Danby Town Supervisor

finished tower and cupola