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Staining at Eco Village

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October 2011:

taupe, chestnut, cedar

We have been doing exterior staining at Eco Village from late September into late October.  This is at the first neighborhood of 30 houses of the village known as FROG.  It is the 4th time in the past 10 years that we have gone through to do maintenance staining on these houses.  We go through together with the maintenance team of the village and decide which side of which houses are most in need of a coat of stain.  Instead of staining every house every 3-5 years as is normally recommended with exterior staining, they’re decided on a more custom approach.  The bottom section of the houses are cedar siding.  The vast majority of them have only been stained once in these 10 years. Because the houses are close together, part of the “village” concept, the bottoms are mostly sheltered from the ultraviolet degradation of sunlight on stain coatings. Whereas, the uppers, consisting of T-111 board and batons, are more susceptible to the sun, especially those facing south.  Some of these have been stained 2 and 3 times in this time period. Overall, this is a very economical approach to exterior wood maintenance.

flowing with lower siding color - sequoia

There are five different stain colors on the exteriors.  As a result of our approach, some taupes and sequoias are darker or lighter than others. The homeowners are not as concerned about having a unified color – staining wood every three years is the only way to guarantee that – as they are about maintaining the wood economically.  Working at Eco Village is like working for 30 homeowners.  You would think that that would be complicated.   But it is actually always a very pleasant and rewarding experience.  They are a wonderful group of people, many of whom have become friends. If you ever have the opportunity to go to an event at Eco Village or occasion to visit, you’ll enjoy it!

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