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Wallpaper Resurrection

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Wallpaper Resurrection, wall repair

I received a call in February from Lynne Wilks; she said that she had some old wallpaper in her closet that had been there for something like 30 years. She wanted to use this old paper to replace the current wallpaper in her dining room. The first thing our guys did was to figure out if there was actually enough paper to cover the entire room. We discovered that there was only enough to do three of the four walls of the room. So we had the option of papering three of the four walls and painting the fourth wall, or putting in a chair rail so that the size of the walls would be smaller allowing for us to do all of the walls. We ultimately decided to do all four walls with paper, and add in a chair rail. When we stripped off the old wallpaper that was covering the room we realized that the walls were in bad shape. We proceeded to restore the walls by patching them with plaster and joint compound. Next we added on the chair rail which Lynne decided to paint a very light blue. The blue she picked went great with the wallpaper. We also painted all of the trim in the room.

Then we moved on to the actual wallpapering.It all was going very smoothly until we opened up the last sheet of wallpaper and found that the background color of the paper, which was originally beige, had washed out over time to a white. Shawn, who has been working with us for about three years, had a brilliant idea which was to make a color wash to go over the paper. Ideally this color wash would match the original beige perfectly.


walls primed


We experimented with different beige tones on a scrap of left over wallpaper. After some time we figured out the correct color to the point that no one was able to see the difference between the papers. We gave this color wash to Lynne with instructions on how to apply it. She was going to add the wash to complete the job. If there is one thing that I love best about Blue Spruce work it is the wallpapering. I love the process of choosing the paper, and cutting and apply it to the wall as precisely as possible. At the end of the day the guys and I were excited and satisfied with our work.


wallpaper installed


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