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Decorative Metallic Painting

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December 2010:

those walls shine



We completed a very nice decorative painting job for previous customers, Gwen Seaquist and Laurel Southard.  We had previously done some staining and painting of their rebuilt front staircase. Now our job was in the back entry room.  Gwen had a great design idea of using a gold metallic paint on the walls.

These paints also have an iridescent quality, so that they show a different shade of color as you look at the wall from different directions.  To complement that look, we decided to restain the swinging door to the kitchen.  The two sets of double closet doors had a dark ebony stain on them.

two toned staining of kitchen door




We decided to pick that up by staining the rails ebony and the panels a lighter brown stain.  There was an old, cracked finish on the door that we had to sand down to where it would take a new stain. To frame it all, we painted the trim, window and entry door an off white.   This completed a very distinctive entry room.