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Glass Beaded Wallcovering

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December 2011 – January 2012

Thibault wallcovering – ceiling as a background

We just painted a ceiling and soffit in a sitting room. The interesting thing was that we painted it a darker gray with a touch of green. That are of the room is only 10 feet by 10 feet. On the other side of the soffit, a similar area of the same sitting room, the ceiling is covered in a nice silk-like fabric. Then the ceiling goes to white in the open bedroom where the windows overlook Cayuga Lake.

In December, we had installed a glass-beaded wallcovering in the sitting room. Its background is gray-green. The glass beads are disbursed on a pattern of gold shaded, embossed (raised) trees. Without bright lights, the pattern of trees shine and sparkle. Now, it is unusual to paint a ceiling such a color – Benjamin-Moore Cos Cob Stonewall – but the overall effect is quite stunning.

The homeowner, who is not a designer, made all of the choices – and showed a great eye in that regard. I learned a lot from working with her. Installing the glass-beaded paper was a challenge. We had to use some tools and techniques not normal to paperhanging to make it work. But we did and enjoyed doing it. Oh, by the way, the bedroom had a different wallcovering, a silver-gray with a pattern of medium-sized diamond shapes. It all flowed from one place to another.