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Finding the Perfect Match

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March-April 2011:

which is the new wood?

We have the occasional stain matching job, which is very challenging, but rewarding work.  Mary Milne called to say they needed to replace some door trim and had bought some chestnut wood stock.

There had been a stain put on the wood, but it was not a good match to the old chestnut in the house.  So we first had to plane the wood to remove that stain. Then using the backs of the boards, I began the painstaking process of mixing stains to achieve the color match needed.  A mix of two ZAR stains – Teak Natural and Amber Varnish – began to look like the existing wood.  We then had to wipe on a linseed oil finish to assure that this wouldn’t affect the color adversely.  So far, so good. Then the unexpected occurred, which often happens on these jobs.  The planed side of the chestnut took the stain with a slight, but obviously different tone.  It was back to the shop paint room.  Adding another  drop of Amber to 4 drops of the mix lightened the stain back to the match we wanted.  Then we had to track back up to the amount of stain we needed for all the wood stock.  Success! We installed the trim and our eyes went seamlessly from old to new wood giving a pleasing look to the rooms.