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Jim Barry
Phone: (607) 589-6732
256 Lang Road, Spencer NY 14883

left to right Jim, Shawn, Aaron, Tom

Jim Barry (owner) – “I most like and am skilled at the wide variety of trades that we perform, including wallcoverings and carpentry. In my years with Blue Spruce since co-founding the company in 1998, I really value the opportunity that I’ve had to hone my professional skills in the wide varieties of work we do in just about every aspect of home improvement that goes along with painting. Customer satisfaction is very important to me with every job, big or small.”

Shawn Larson – “I used my bachelors degree in art to become a decorative painter in the furniture business for 14 years prior to working at Blue Spruce. These fine art skills have carried over into the quality of work I’ve done for Blue Spruce since 2009. I want to promote the highly detailed work I am proficient with, including murals, and to help the company with all of its work and business decisions.”

Jerad Barry – “I’ve worked in the home improvement trades for my whole career. Specifically, I have a lot of professional drywall and Sheetrock patching experience which produces great results alongside my long-time painting experience. Between my prior experience in the finishing trades and working at Blue Spruce for several years, I’ve been able to acquire a large skill set to take care of almost any home repair inside and out with high quality results.”

Andrew Kane – “I have over 20 years of painting experience along with carpentry, and am happy to also use my extensive prior mechanical and electrical knowledge to maintain company equipment such as paint sprayers and power washers. The proper maintenance of this equipment contributes to getting the best results for our customers. This knowledge also helps when dealing with some of the more complicated light fixtures or garage doors we encounter on some jobs, so we’re able to provide professional results, and usually this saves you the trouble of having to call in a handyman outside of our company to deal with minor issues unrelated to painting.”

Jeff Pister – “Ever since 1990 I have done custom high end exterior and interior paint jobs, and with Blue Spruce I have continued to increase my skill set and painting proficiency even further.”

Devyn Barry – “I first started working for Blue Spruce on my summer vacations, doing some of the less skilled labor before graduating high school. From there I built my skill set up to the professional level which is expected from a company of this caliber. Since I started doing home improvement painting in 2010, I have prided myself on painting quality detailed work at a fast and neat pace, while also being able to effectively communicate with customers to meet their needs. I have additionally developed many other all-around construction skills that go along with painting over the years.”