Autumn Challenges

November 2011

Now that we’ve finished our big exterior jobs for this season, we’ve gotten to some smaller but very interesting jobs.

striping door to match siding

One was to paint stripes on garage doors to match the color design of the masonry siding of a new house on Muzzy Road in Danby.

It is a design by the architect, Dana Cupkova of Epi-Phyte Lab.  You’ll see some photos of the interior design of this house in our photo gallery.  Blue Spruce installed and finished the drywall and did all of the interior painting.

A second neat job was to install a photo mural of some pet dogs.  The digital processes for doing these murals are really awesome these days.  They can be purchased and installed for as little as $300.  The homeowner just sent a digital photograph and back came a 4 foot by 5 foot one piece mural.

the photo/the real dogs

In the past these have been 2, 3 and 4 piece murals, which were more time-consuming (but just as spectacular) to install.  (You’ll see one of a world map in our photo gallery.) We have a slew of wallpaper installations coming up from now until Christmas.  I’m feeling that wallpaper is beginning to make a comeback.  The industry has really solved the historic problem of how hard it was to strip old wallcoverings.  We’ve successfully stripped over 21,000 square feet of wallcoverings.   The newer papers, once a wall is professionally prepared, come off very easily when it is time to redecorate. We are working a lot with Lynda Meyers Designs.

Lynda is opening a new show room at 305 S. Meadow St. in Ithaca on New Year’s Eve.  Please think about Lynda for window treatments, upholstery, lighting, wallcoverings and color design. Still fitting in exterior work during these warm November days, we did some stucco repair recently. Matching the finishes of stucco can be very challenging work, but suitable to our temperament as decorative painters.  Please contact Barry Maxwell at 108 Irving Place in Ithaca, 277-4552 for a reference on patching stucco siding. We are now booking work for January and February 2012.

We are also accepting resumes for a journeyperson or apprentice painter.