Interior/Exterior Painting and Fine Finishing Work

We are a painting business and a workers’ cooperative that has been painting Ithaca area homes, businesses and university maintenance, inside and out for nearly 20 years. We perform all the trades of a traditional painting and wallpapering company as well as many specialty trades, including decorative painting (faux finishing). We enjoy working with people in and about their homes and places of business. The work, the colors, the decorating and the process of the work flows from these relationships with our customers.


“For excellent, reliable, honest work that will make you glad, call Blue Spruce Painting.”
-Fran Helmstadte

“I love your work and have been a fan for years.
Our Carter Creek house was one of your first wallpaper jobs.”
-Marjorie Olds

“Thanks so much for the successful completion of the paint and patching. It was, as always, up to your high standards. Congratulations on your award for meeting the best standards in salary and benefits from a small company. It goes along with your high standards.”
-Joycelyn and Ed Hart